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Easy Sausage Stuffed Artichokes

easy sausage stuffed artichokes recipes

Easy sausage stuffed artichokes are not a thing of dreams, you can make these.  This elegant dish can be served in your dining room with less effort than you think.


Wash the artichokes well in cold water.  Cut off the base of the artichoke and about one inch off the top.

Spread open the artichoke.  Basically, you want to pull open the leaves so you can see the “choke” or the little hairs at the center – that part would be the flower.   Using a spoon and  scrape all of the choke out of the center.  This is a bit tricky and takes some practice.  It you think you have all the choke removed, scrape one more time with the spoon there may be more.  Be sure you have good lighting and a bit of patience when you complete this part – your efforts will be rewarded.

Then take your favorite sausage and cook it.  Add a tablespoon or two to the center of each artichoke that you have cleaned out.  On top of the sausage add a chunk of nice cheese.  My absolute favorite is Kerrygold Dubliner Cheese and you can find it in most stores or buy bulk online.


A pressure cooker is the best tool for cooking artichokes.  Do yourself a favor and buy a Presto 8-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker if you don’t have one.  These are not the scary cooking devices our parents and grandparents warned us about.  These are amazing pieces of kitchen equipment that produce moist, delicious food.

Place the artichokes on the steaming rack.  Fill with water to about the bottom of the rack.  Lock the lid and cook for 15 minutes at full pressure.  Quick release when finished.

Steaming would be the second best to pressure cooking.  Put the artichokes in the steamer basket over a pot of boiling water and cook for about an hour.  The base should be tender and pierce easily with a knife once cooked.


The best part is that these are great hot, warm or cold.  Plus, you can’t eat these fast – great for a dinner party – so you have time to talk while enjoying this delicious treat.

If you are a bit scared of the artichoke I would encourage you to watch Julia Child’s The French Chef: The Artichoke. If you don’t want to cook an artichoke after watching that – you don’t belong in the kitchen.

The artichoke can be a bit expensive, but buy when it is in season.  Or, join a buying coop like bountiful baskets.  You could scoop up this luxurious vegetable for next to nothing.

Stuffing with sausage is a bit ambitious if you’ve never cooked an Artichoke – don’t hesitate to try a plain steamed artichoke or a pressure cooker artichoke first.  Then the sausage stuffed artichoke will be easy.


About the author: Josh loves to cook and travel with his family.  Plus, he loves his home state from the Black Hills to the prairies of South Dakota it is all good.

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