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Easy Artichoke Recipes

easy artichoke recipes so simple to make

Easy Artichokes Recipes can make preparing this interesting side dish so simple.  At first glance the artichoke can look pretty intimidating.  How do I cook it and how do I eat it?

I too was unsure how to prepare and eat an artichoke. It is a thistle, how do you eat a thistle? But, thanks to Julia Child’s The French Chef: The Artichoke episode in season 9 my nerves were calmed.  I was ready to tackle the artichoke.

It is simple to cook and tasty to eat warm or cold.  I prefer to prepare it in the pressure cooker, but steamed is nice too. It doesn’t need much with it, maybe some butter and lemon.

Pressure Cooker Artichokes

This is really easy.  Rinse, trim and cook.  They come out tender and delicious.  One more reason to have a pressure cooker in your kitchen.  I love my Presto 8-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker and use it all the time.

Cook at full pressure for 15 minutes.  Quick release and ready to serve.  Or keep in the refrigerator for up to two days.

 Steamed Aritchokessteamed artichoke recipe

Prepare these the same as above.  Rinse, cut about one inch off the top, remove the stem and trim the ends of the leaves if you find them too prickly.

Steaming take about one hour.  They are done when a knife will easily pierce the bottom.  Again, these are great hot or cold

Sausage stuffed Artichokes

Now you are getting a bit fancier.  Prepare as the other two recipes.  But, you go a step further.  Pull open the bud, so you can see the “choke” or the little hairs that would have become the flower.  Scrap with a spoon until the choke is all removed.  This takes practice to ensure that all the choke is remove.

Add to the center your favorite cooked sausage and I like a piece of nice cheese on top of that.  Then cook following the steamed or pressure cooker recipes.

Eat Slow and Enjoy

You have no choice but eat eat these slowly.  You begin with the leaves at the base scraping the tender meat off the bottom portion with you teeth.  As you get closer to the center leaves will be more tender and have more meat on them.

At the center, remove the choke or hairs (already removed with the sausage stuffed) and then enjoy the best part.  The tender heart of the artichoke.

This is a seasonal treat.  Watch for it to be on sale in spring.  You may even find some in at a co-op or a produce program like bountiful baskets.

Tell me, what is your favorite way to prepare artichokes?

About the author: Josh loves to cook and travel with his family.  Plus, he loves his home state from the Black Hills to the prairies of South Dakota it is all good.

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