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Hamburger Hash Recipe with ground beef

hamburger hash recipe using ground beef

Making hamburger hash with ground beef is a simple recipe that you can easily adjust depending on the ingredients you have on hand.  Low on hamburger?  Just add more potatoes.  This is a satisfying meal the whole family with love to cook and eat.


All you really need is hamburger, potatoes and a few spices.  However,  I like to add celery, carrots, garlic and broth if I have some.

Peal the potatoes, I prefer red potatoes but any will work.  Slice into about 1/4 inch thick slices and place in a large bowl of cold water.

In a large or medium saucepan melt a tablespoon of butter or bacon grease (or your preferred cooking fat)on medium heat.  Add to the pan one medium diced onion, two diced carrots and three celery stalks diced and a couple of cloves of diced garlic. Stir and cook until soft.

Add the ground beef.  Stir and break into small pieces and season with salt and pepper.  Once the beef is nearly brown add your drained potato slices.  Add broth or water leaving just the top layer of potatoes exposed.  Sprinkle the top with about a tablespoon of thyme and cover.

Turn the heat up to about medium high.  Let cook until the potatoes are tender.  Remove the lid and let cook until the liquid is nearly gone, leaving a nice thick sauce.  Remove from heat.

Sprinkle the top with shredded cheese or slices of butter.  Once melted, stir and serve.

This is a simple recipe that is hearty and leftovers taste great.  So make a big batch.

Short cuts

There are a few steps that can be shortened if you are pressed for time.  The diced onion can be replaced with Minced Onion.  And, garlic while not essential really adds to the dish and a bottle of  Freeze Dried Garlic makes it simple to have garlic on hand.

If you added too much liquid and don’t want to wait for it to reduce, add a tablespoon or two of  Potato Starch to a small amount of cold water.  Mix well then mix into the hamburger hash. I will thicken it right up.


This is a simple dish and never will it be exactly the same.  Experiment and add what you have on hand. There doesn’t need to be an exact amount of potatoes or hamburger, just use what you have.  And, you get a large meal for a small cost.

About the author: Josh loves to cook and travel with his family.  Plus, he loves his home state from the Black Hills to the prairies of South Dakota it is all good.

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